Motorsport · 17. Dezember 2023
Photographing Formula 1 cars was the biggest challenge I took upon myself in 2023. During a spontaneous trip to Zandvoort and my returning visit to its circuit, I took my first ever pictures of F1 cars. Read about my struggles during the day and how I had to improvise around unexpected changes of what I thought to be a familiar environment.

Into the unknown - World RX at the Estering
Motorsport · 12. Dezember 2023
Formula and touring cars are not everything there is in the world of motorsport. At the Estering in Buxtehude I was able to think outside the box and experience Rallying classes for the first time. Here I started on how to plan a day of motorsport photography and realised how different racing categories should be framed in varying ways.

F1 Academy meets DTM - my first time visiting Zandvoort
Motorsport · 01. Dezember 2023
The Circuit Park Zandvoort was my motorsport place of the year. I did not only visit the track twice in 2023, but also made some core memories there. Read about my first time at the track and watch how my photography improved throughout a long day between the dunes.

My first ever motorsport photography expierence - The Sabic Berlin E-Prix 2023
Motorsport · 10. November 2023
In April 2023 I did not only visit my first ever motorsport event, but also brought a camera with me. This turned the 2023 Sabic Berlin E-Prix into my first motorsport photography experience. In this blogpost, I review the iconic location and entertainment, as well as look back onto my first attempts at motorsport photography.